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Sunday, March 24, 2013

"Man Follows Where The Mind Goes"

    My Friendly Shade gives me comfort when I think my best thoughts, and when I give myself good "self-talk".  I like to build myself up in the way I feel about myself and in the way I think about myself.   I also am a firm believer in setting goals; goals for success.  I believe that positive thinking is the best way to achieve my successes.  As I was watching Joyce Meyer this morning talking about her book, "Battleship of the Mind", it gave me the inspiration for the following because I believe it is truly the mind that leads down the road of success. 
Man Follows Where The Mind Goes
Man will follow
  where the mind goes!  
So, what thoughts have you chose? 

Were they positive and aspiring? Ones that uplift?
Those are rewarding and the very best gift. 
What's more, they'll keep you on the right track,
  with no need for remorse as you look back.
Man will follow where the mind resides,
  for it's the mind that leads and guides. 
It's your thoughts that take you down the road to success;
  they're yours to control and possess.

Man will follow where the mind goes;
 it's seen in many lives, as history shows. 

 Therefore, think up some good self-talk;
  it will enhance your walk. 
It’s the thoughts that guide, as everyone knows.
Man simple follows where the mind goes!

                         Mary Crisp Jameson – 3/24/2013
Proverbs 23:7 “For as he thinks in his heart, so is he.”



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