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Sunday, November 25, 2012

The Gingerbread Man

Thanksgiving should be daily throughout the year, but as the holiday closes the Christman season enters in with thoughts of spiced apple cider and gingerbread cookies.  School classrooms are preparing for making those famous gingerbread houses.   That is what inspired the following, and it was written for my favorite classroom teacher, my daughter, and her class:
The Gingerbread Man

It’s Christmas!
Bah Hum Bug …
What was this all about?
I rolled under the sheets and gave them a tug.
I was just a ball of dough
 with nothing much to show.

Then something magical happened-
First one hand rolled out;
 then another began to sprout. 
I soon found two feet,
 that kicked me out of bed.
Eyes appeared upon a small round head.
I was all smooth and flat
 with a beautiful tan-
just like a gingerbread man.

“Wow! Look at me!”
I exploded in glee.

Christmas! It’s Christmas!
I was going to have to rush!
My scent filled the air,
 and I had not a second to spare. 

I grabbed for my vest
 and began to get dressed.
There was a class full of girls and boys
 choosing me over bright red toys.

Brandon, Coe, and Jay
 had all said, “Send a gingerbread man my way.”
Lia, Cade, Savannah, and Reed  
 put me on their list, as they all had agreed. 
Tyler, April, Emily, and Alex
 wanted me to fill their stockings and sacks.
Noah, Sapana, and Trae
 had requested that I come their way.
So many were looking forward to a spicy Christmas day.   
Even Carson, Seth, Autumn, Zac, and Caylin
 said I was just the right mix and blend.

Then I could’nt forget Ms. Legg!
She didn’t want any ole dough from a store-bought egg.
She’d requested me for her gingerbread house.
I’d surprise her! Slip in quiet as a mouse.

Excitement overtook me
 as I sent myself a kiss,
 for I was top on their list.
I dashed on more ginger, added sugar and spice-
Hmmm, I smelled really nice.
In my haste,
 I snuck a taste.
Yes! I was all sweet,
 from my head to my feet.

Next I buttoned my vest,
 which fit tight across my dark tan chest.
I fumbled with its buttons of red
 as the scent of ginger filled my head.
Then looked in the mirror -
 but  something was all a’miss!

“Oh my! Where was my sugar coat?”
I had to have that around my arms and my throat.
I quickly donned those beads and pearls,
 for that would be missed by those curly-lock girls.
But what about the boys?
Not to worry-
 they’d be too busy with their games and their noise.

A magic suddenly filled the air
 as I tapped my heels with a flaire.
I had much to do -
“It’s Christmas!” I said with adieu.
I’m spicy, all sugar and sweet-
 just right for sampling, and oohh - so sweet to eat.
I’d fill out those stockings- Just right!
All eyes would be happy and bright.

“OH,Yes! It’s Christmas,”  I shouted out.
This was what Christmas was all about!
I was in such a thrill,
 it gave me a chill. 
I thought, “It’s all up to me.
I’d be just the key,  
 to complete Ms. Legg’s gingerbread fam’ily.”
                              Mary Crisp Jameson -11/25/2012


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