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Wednesday, May 8, 2013

Getting To Know God

     I was thinking as I settle in under “My Friendly Shade” about how often I ask God for help to solve my problems, but how little time I take to simply get to know Him.
     Who is Jesus?  How was He treated?  What does He do for us?  Oh, to only know Him and His ways!

Jesus is:
Alpha – Almighty
Bread of Life
Everlasting Father
Father of All
God of the Universe
Healer – Holy Ghost- Head of the Church
I Am –Immanuel
Jesus- Jehovah
King of the Jews- King of Kings
Lord of heaven – Lamb of God - Light of the world – Living Bread
Messiah- Mighty God – Mediator
Omega – Only Begotten Son
Prince of Peace – Physician
Savior – Shepherd – Son of God
Truth – Tree of Life
Upholder of all things
Young Child of Mary

 He was:                                        He is:
Accused                                    Alive! Always Available
Beaten & bruised                     Beside us every day
Condemned                              Comforter in times of need- Covers with His Grace
Despised                                   Deliverer from our sins
Executed                                   Emergency line - Ever present
Forsaken                                   Forgiving
Greatly feared                          Giver of good gifts
Hurt                                           Healer
Ignored                                     Intermediator
Judas betrayed                        Judge
Kicked and knocked down     Kind   
Lied about                                Loving to all
Mocked                                    Merciful 
Nailed to the cross                  Nutritional way to eternal life- Never-ending love
Oppressed                               Omnipotent presence
Persecuted                               Protector
Questioned                              Quarterback in the race of life
Rejected                                   Ray of light    
Smitten                                     Shelter in the storm -Savior    
Tempted                                  Teacher through His Word
Unmercifully treated              Unchangeable
Victimized                               Valuable friend and lifeline
Wounded & whipped           World-wide caregiver and worthy of worship






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